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Let Yourself Be Loved
Illumination Book

Phillip Bennett

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An offer of true hopeThis book is an invitation to be liberated from fear by God's unconditional love. The book centers around the idea that accepting God's love is the basis of our own confidence, peace, and love of self and others. God delights in being in our presence and in loving us just as we are right now. If we can recognize that this unconditional love is always available, if we can let ourselves be loved, we can let go of fear. Using references from literature, from classic and contemporary theologians and psychologists, and from his own practice, the author walks us through common fears that hold us back from accepting God's love: fear of joy, loss, intimacy, pain, and letting go. The author shows how we must give up trying to control these fears and instead acknowledge them as lifetime companions. He also helps us separate our own self doubt and judgment from what we project onto God.Warm, gentle, and beautifully written, Let Yourself Be Loved includes original prayers for healing, as well as a meditation exercise for sitting in God's presence. The book is ideal for use by counselors, pastoral ministers, and all individuals, especially members of 12-Step programs, the bereaved, and anyone who wants to grow in love of self, others, and God.

ISBN: 978-16164-3947-7

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