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Letter to Consecrated Men & Women

In this letter to religious men and women, based on the teachings of Pope Francis, on the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life, readers will appreciate the exceptional love and joy that marks this life:"In their finite humanity, on the margins, intheir everyday struggles, consecrated men andwomen live out their fidelity, giving a reason forthe joy that lives in them. So they become splendid witnesses, effective proclaimers, companions and neighbors for the women and men with whom they share a common history and who want to find their Father's house in the Church." And further defining the essence of consecrated life, the authors note that: "We are invited to promote a generative, not simply administrative, dynamic to embrace the spiritual events present in our communities and in the world, movements and grace that the Spirit works in each individual person, viewed as a person."This book is uplifting and affirming reading for anyone in consecrated life or considering it.

ISBN: 978-08091-4949-0

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