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Kevin Maguire Memoriam

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Kevin Maguire, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, who dedicated an extraordinary fifty years to Paulist Press. Kevin’s commitment, energy, and quiet passion for the Press enriched the lives of hundreds people who were fortunate to have him as a colleague. Through Kevin, millions of books touched the spirit and nurtured the faith of people through-out the world.

Kevin Maguire began working in the Paulist Press warehouse while still attending high school in 1967, and he became a full-time employee after graduating from college. He was appointed General Manager under Fr. Kevin Lynch; Fr. Lawrence Boadt recognized the importance of his contribution by naming him Vice President, and present publisher Fr. Mark-David Janus added the further responsibility of Chief Operating Officer. Through-out his years of service he worked in almost every dimension of the Paulist publishing business. There was no aspect that escaped his attention and improvement. Yet Kevin avoided public recognition, and while he was always communicating with customers and business partners, few outside the Press ever met Kevin face to face. His priorities were the efficient operation of business and the continuation of this important Paulist ministry.

Our work is better because of his example of selfless dedication. Our lives are enriched by his presence as a friend.

He was the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Service Award from the Association of Catholic Publishers.

His greatest love was for his wife and his family. Our hearts are with them.