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When Love Meets Fear
Becoming Defense-less & Resource-full

The author of the best-selling How to Be an Adult explains in his popular style how fear cripples our ability to release our full potential. He then presents a concrete program of change for overcoming this fear. When Love Meets Fear looks at the deepest roots of fear: fear of love, loss, change, being alone, fear of others, fear of self-disclosure, fear of giving and receiving, coming and going. The author's program includes becoming defense-less, that is, allowing ourselves to feel fear without our buffering defenses, and then becoming resource-full, that is, learning to act in new ways. The book helps distinguish between neurotic fear and appropriate fear; integrates psychology with an ecumenical spirituality, and includes affirmations, suggestions, and concrete actions.

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Category: Self-Help

ISBN: 978-08091-3702-2

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