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On "Strangers No Longer"
Perspectives on the Historic Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Migration

In January 2003 the Mexican and U.S. bishops issued the joint pastoral letter Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope that looked at migration in the Americas as a "sign of the times" How migration affects migrants, their families, and the neighborhoods in which they live has motivated the bishops to comment extensively on this issue; at its core the church seeks to apply its distinctive understanding of human dignity, solidarity, the common good, and related moral principles to this debate. Strangers No Longer provided the bishops with an opportunity to develop a vision that is rooted in the Catholic moral tradition, a vision that they argue should be used as framework to guide the formation of immigration policy. J. Kevin Appleby and Todd Scribner have brought together here a collection of essays, by both Americans and Mexicans, that reflect on some of the themes that emerged in the pastoral letter, take stock of what has happened in the field of immigration since its publication, and look to the future in anticipation of developments in the field. It is hoped that this book will assist in these efforts and provide an important springboard for further discussion.

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