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Jean Vanier, friend of developmentally disabled, wins Templeton Prize

“To be present to the other, to listen to and regard him or her with respect and attention, allows us to receive in our turn. This is a communion of hearts, a reciprocal gift, freely given.”

—JEAN VANIER, from Signs: Seven Words of Hope

Philosopher, theologian, and author Jean Vanier is the 2015 recipient of the Templeton Prize, which each year honors a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s breadth of spiritual dimensions, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.

Vanier is the founder of L’Arche, an international network of communities where those with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together. He is the author of over thirty books, many of which have been published by Paulist Press.


Visit this link for Jean Vanier's latest book,
Signs: Seven Words of Hope, published by Paulist Press.

Dr. Dan Ebener

Watch bestselling teacher, consultant, and author Dr. Dan Ebener discuss his popular new book on the successful process of interactive strategic planning for businesses, nonprofits, and public entities in this interview on NBC affiliate KWQC in the Quad Cities in Iowa/Illinois.

Dr. Dan R. Ebener is an author, teacher and speaker and has been developing leaders for churches, businesses and community organizations since 1976. Dan teaches strategic planning, team-building and leadership skills for the Master of Organizational Leadership program at St. Ambrose University. Dan also continues to work part-time as director of stewardship and parish planning for the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa.

Cardinal Walter Kasper to honor Second Anniversary
of Pope Francis as Bishop of Rome

MAHWAH, NJ, March 1, 2015

Walter Kasper will honor the second anniversary of Pope Francis’ installation with a lecture on his most recent book Pope Francis Revolution of Tenderness and Love Theological and Pastoral Perspectives. The lecture will take place at Basilica Santa Maria, Degli Angeli E Dei Martiri, Rome, Thursday March 19, 2015, 6:30 PM.

A book signing and reception will take place following the lecture at the entrance through Via Cernaia, No. 9.

Kasper describes Francis as a charismatic, confident leader completely convinced of the message of the Gospel. He "combines continuity with the great tradition of the Church with renewal and ever new surprises. This also includes a poor church for the poor. It is a radical program. Radical because it touches on the root and is a revolution of tenderness and love....What the pope is proposing is the humble way devout people move continents and can move mountains (Mt 17,19; 21,21). A little mercy—he says—can change the world. This is the Christian revolution....It is revolution in the true sense of the word—originally, the return to the origin of the Gospel as a way forward, a revolution of mercy."

This event is sponsored by Paulist Press, Paoline Multimedia International and The American Community at the Church of Santa Susanna.

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Paulist Press Announces Walter Kasper's

Pope Francis' Revolution of Tenderness and Love

Paulist Press is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new work by Cardinal Walter Kasper, Pope Francis' Revolution of Tenderness and Love: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives. Mark-David Janus, CSP, the President of Paulist Press, describes the work as highlighting “the theological and ecclesiological underpinnings of Pope Francis’ central ministry. As few others can, Cardinal Kasper shows how it is a ministry with a deeply considered design, a plan, and a goal.”

Added Fr. Janus, “It is a great privilege for us to publish another work by one of the great theologians of our time.” Paulist Press has previously published other important works by Cardinal Kasper, including Jesus the Christ, Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life, and The Gospel of the Family, and has also just begun publication of the Cardinal’s Collected Works.

In POPE FRANCIS’ REVOLUTION OF TENDERNESS AND LOVE, Kasper discusses how the Pope “brought fresh air into the church—the wind, the confidence, joy, and freedom.” This renewal is not, however, simply the result of a charismatic figure but rests in the deep rooted theological and pastoral experience of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

The book’s official launch will be in March with a presentation of the work to the Holy Father at the Vatican by Cardinal Kasper, who will be accompanied by representatives from the book’s international publishers, including Mark-David Janus. Cardinal Kasper will also give a public talk on the topic of the book in English on March 19 in Rome.

For more information, please contact Mary Ann Carey:

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Fr. Richard Leonard asks,

"Where the Hell is God? Holding to Faith Through Tough Times"

Based at North Sydney, Fr Richard Leonard SJ directs the Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting. He has undergraduate degrees in arts, education and theology, as well as a master’s degree in systematic theology. Richard did graduate studies at the London Film School at Covent Garden. In 2004 he graduated with a PhD in cinema studies from Melbourne University.

Richard lectures in cinema and theology at the United Faculty of Theology and has been a visiting lecturer in Australian cinema at the University of Melbourne. In 2003 he was a visiting scholar within the School of Theatre, Film & Television at UCLA. He is a visiting professor at the Gregorian University in Rome and an honorary fellow of the Australian Catholic University.

Richard is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and a film critic for all the major Australian Catholic newspapers. He has served on juries at the Venice, Berlin, Hong Kong, Brisbane and Melbourne International Film Festivals and has lectured on film, faith and culture across Australia and the Pacific, Asia, the UK and the USA.

In 2006 he published Movies That Matter: Reading Film Through the Lens of Faith (Loyola University Press, Chicago). In 2007 he published Preaching to the Converted Throughout the Sundays and Feastdays of the Year (Paulist Press, New York). In 2009 he published The Mystical Gaze of the Cinema: the Films of Peter Weir (Melbourne University Press) and in 2010 he published Where the Hell is God? Seven steps to hold onto faith in the face of suffering (Paulist Press, New York).

In Spring, 2013, he published Why Bother Praying (Paulist Press, New York), about which William A. Barry, SJ, commented, "Richard Leonard has done it again, tackled a difficult theological and spiritual question with honesty, deep knowledge, humor and a warm heart. Why Bother Praying moved me to tears and to laughing out loud. But I was also enlightened on one the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be a Christian, namely engaging in a real relationship with God, which is what prayer is all about."

His latest endeavor, What Are We Doing on Earth for Christ's Sake?, also from Paulist Press, New York, is scheduled to be released on March 3, 2015.

Paulist Press Books by Richard Leonard, SJ