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Hope from the Ashes
Insights and Resources for Welcoming Lenten Visitors

Paul E. Jarzembowski

If you have chosen to read and reflect on Hope from the Ashes with a small group or as a church community, this short study guide can help you get the most out of that experience.

Galatians: Life in the New Creation
A Spiritual-Pastoral Reading

Ronald D. Witherup

This commentary examines Galatians section by section with attention both to expounding the text and to pointing out many background aspects that help explain it.

Download: Galatians Appendix IV.pdf

Download: Galatians Sidebars.pdf

Parish Finance
Best Practices in Church Management

Michael J. Castrilli and Charles E. Zech

A practical, accessible guide to help church leaders through the steps needed to ensure an effective, accountable, and transparent financial process in a parish.

The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life

Walter Cardinal Kasper

A Reader's Guide to help individuals and discussion groups reflect on Cardinal Kasper’s wisdom.

Reading the Early Church Fathers:
From the Didache to Nicaea

James L. Papandrea

An overview of early Christian documents
up through the fifth century.

Beginning To Read The Fathers

James Boniface Ramsey

A survey of the principal themes of patristic writing, touching on the major Greek and Latin Fathers of the Church.

Introduction to the Prophets
Their Stories, Sayings and Scrolls

Thomas Leclerc

This volume introduces college students and adult learners to biblical stories about the prophets as well as the theology and teachings of each of the prophetic books in the Bible.

God and the Mystery of Human Suffering
Theological Conversation across Ages

Rev. Robin Christopher Ryan CP

A survey of the Judeo-Christian tradition and the contemporary theological conversation concerning ways of speaking of God's relation to suffering people and to a world in which suffering is such a stark reality.

A Survival Guide for Church Ministers

William J. Jarema

Common sense advise and guidelines to assist and protect the pastor, parish coordinator, pastoral leader, church staff, school staff, and church volunteers and those who love them.

Catechesis in a Multimedia World

Mary Byrne Hoffman

This practical, hands-on book is both an interactive and reflective guide to spirituality and faith formation in a multimedia age. A great resource for catechists to connect to the iPod/cellphone/Facebook generation.

A Complete Introduction to the Bible

Christopher Gilbert

A literary and historical introduction to the Bible exploring the content of both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian New Testament, but also introducing the reader to scholarly questions and theories about the Bible.

The Great Commission

Models of Evangelization in American Catholicism

Timothy E. Byerley

Identifies six primary models of evangelization found in the New Testament and presents a practical example of each model drawn from American Catholic Church history.

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