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Maternal Body
A Theology of Incarnation from the Christian East

In Maternal Body, Carrie Frederick Frost weaves Orthodox sources—icons, hymns, and prayers—together into five chapters defined by the biological stages of motherhood: Anticipation, Conception, Pregnancy, Birthgiving, and Postpartum. Throughout these chapters, the persistent Orthodox Christian regard for the maternal body becomes apparent.

Additionally, certain practices that undermine this regard, but have occasionally appeared on the Christian record, are observed and reflected upon. While acknowledging that the Church has sometimes disappointed mothers, Frost's conclusion is that the balance of Orthodox reflection on motherhood uniquely protects a Christian vision of the human body as Creator-fashioned, integral to salvation, and destined for eternity—a vision that is vital not just for mothers, but all people. Furthermore, through contemplation of the imperfections of my Church, the author also offers a path for those who choose to live within a venerable but flawed tradition.

ISBN: 978-08091-5391-6

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