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A Child's Book of Values
Classic Stories from Around the World; Interactive Edition

A Child's Book of Values is a collection of stories from different cultures around the world, each story illustrating a different virtue.

"Fairy tales, fables, parables, examples, stories, epigrams, epic poems, ballads-all have transmitted the science of life from generation to generation since the remotest times. They not only educate the individual but mold the thoughts of a people."

The twenty-six stories come from many cultures, but as the case with most good literature, they are universal. With engaging full-color illustrations and clever design elements, this is a book to pick up and read to little ones and to give to middle schoolers to read themselves. School libraries will find this to be a wonderful addition to their collection.

Among the stories readers will find:
—George Washington and the Cherry Tree:
   (Story from the U.S.A.): Honesty
—The Elves and the Shoemaker
   (Brothers Grimm): Justice
—In the Sand and on the Rock
   (Arab Folk Tale): Peace
—The Emperor's New Clothes
   (Hans Christian Andersen): Sincerity
—Now We Will See What Time Brings Us
   (Chinese Folk Tale): Hope

Download the free app (Android and IOS) in this interactive edition to see action, pictures, games, and other surprises in many of the stories, which will delight children.

ISBN: 978-08091-6782-1

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