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A Child's Book of Values
Classic Stories from Around the World; Interactive Edition

A Child's Book of Values is a collection of stories from different cultures around the world, each story illustrating a different virtue.

"Fairy tales, fables, parables, examples, stories, epigrams, epic poems, ballads-all have transmitted the science of life from generation to generation since the remotest times. They not only educate the individual but mold the thoughts of a people."

The twenty-six stories come from many cultures, but as the case with most good literature, they are universal. With engaging full-color illustrations and clever design elements, this is a book to pick up and read to little ones and to give to middle schoolers to read themselves. School libraries will find this to be a wonderful addition to their collection.

Among the stories readers will find:
—George Washington and the Cherry Tree:
   (Story from the U.S.A.): Honesty
—The Elves and the Shoemaker
   (Brothers Grimm): Justice
—In the Sand and on the Rock
   (Arab Folk Tale): Peace
—The Emperor's New Clothes
   (Hans Christian Andersen): Sincerity
—Now We Will See What Time Brings Us
   (Chinese Folk Tale): Hope

Download the free app (Android and IOS) in this interactive edition to see action, pictures, games, and other surprises in many of the stories, which will delight children.

Esteve Pujoi I Pons

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ISBN: 978-08091-6782-1

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