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Schleiermacher: Christmas Dialogue, The Second Speech, and Other Selections (CWS)
Christmas Dialogue, Second Speech & Others

This volume includes new translations of two of Schleiermacher's most read works, both of which are fascinating and edifying religious texts in their own right and both of which also capture key aspects of Schleiermacher's spirituality: The Christmas Celebration: A Dialogue (1806), and the famous Second Speech, "On the Essence of Religion," from Schleiermacher's classic, On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers (2nd edition, 1806). Readers interested in spirituality and/or interested in learning more about Schleiermacher will enjoy reading these texts in this accessible and quite readable volume. The volume also includes two sermons by Schleiermacher, one given on Pentecost Sunday (1825) and the other on the second Sunday of Advent (1832). The volume includes a helpful introduction that explores the meaning of "spirituality" as a theme in Schleiermacher's life and works. The entire volume reflects the most recent scholarship in spirituality and in Schleiermacher studies.

ISBN: 978-15876-8366-4

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