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What Are We Doing on Earth for Christ's Sake?

Bestselling author Richard Leonard's third book in a series of questions, What Are We Doing On Earth for Christ's Sake?, invites Christians to revisit their faith in the midst of the contemporary world and its challenges. Rather than ignoring the world around us or creating one that is removed from reality, the book encourages the need for honest dialogue, stresses the importance of religious experience, but most important, urges the practice of genuine actions for Christ's sake."Whenever Christianity strays from Jesus' law in regard to the love of God, neighbor, and self, we end up in trouble. This law is the litmus test through which all things must be judged, including our own religious words and actions. It is the guiding principal of our moral code, including how we use our wealth and property to serve the human family. Not that the loving thing to do is not, sometimes, also the hardest and toughest decision, it is just that our morality is not about laws and rules and social control; it is the ability to learn from two thousand years of experience in trying to live out Christ's love in the world...."-from the Conclusion

ISBN: 978-15876-8426-5

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