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Hope for the Flowers

On September 6, 2022, Paulist Press initiates a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of a life-changing book that spans the generations: Hope for the Flowers.

It is hard to believe that Hope for the Flowers, by renowned ecologist, peace and environmental advocate, and organic food enthusiast, Trina Paulus, is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. Hope is a book that has transcended boundaries of all sorts and has become a favorite for many—from multiple generations.

A note from the author: “Somehow we each have to understand, that uncomfortable as it may feel, in some way you and I were meant for this time.” Regardless of the quotidian events that are swirling around us, some with the dubious ability to divide rather than unite—age, sex, class, religion, country, politics, the scourge of a present- and post-COVID world—we are grateful that Hope, and everything it stands for, was given to us as gift.

Over four million copies have been printed in English, with over twenty translations across the globe. Paulist Press invites you to join the celebration!

Media buzz: Many fans have commented, ranging from the well-known to the enthusiastic everyday reader:

“In this book, two caterpillars get caught up in the fallacy of competition and struggle to reach the top of a caterpillar pile. By journey’s end, however, they learn that their true nature is not one of winning and being at the top, but of going within and emerging as beautiful butterflies who were born to soar.”
    —Deepak Chopra

"Hope For the Flowers is one of my favorite children's books. Everyone is like a butterfly; they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful, graceful butterflies that everyone loves."
    —Drew Barrymore

“The take is transformative. The caterpillar and the butterfly are powerful metaphors for dying for the good to become one’s best. This is a story that you will read over and over as you seek to become and achieve your highest and best self.”
    —Karen Briscoe

Please note that the 50th anniversary edition is hardcover only. For more information on this impactful book and its well-deserved celebration, to receive a review copy or schedule an interview, please contact Bob Byrns ( (201) 825 7300 ext 231.

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