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68. St. Jerome-Origen
Commentary on Isaiah Origen Homilies 1-9 on Isaiah

Jerome is best known as the translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible. In medieval times, Jerome was declared to be one of the four great Doctors of the Latin church. The Council of Trent spoke of him as "the greatest doctor in the explanation of Holy Scripture." Jerome's Commentary on Isaiah is his longest extant work and considered by many to be his magnum opus. Scheck has offered the English speaking world the first translation of this work. The work is heavily indebted to the Greek exegetical tradition, especially Origen.

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:

Julian of Norwich

Second Showings

Translated and introduced by Edmund Colledge, OSA, and James Walsh, SJ; preface by Jean Leclercq, OSB

Here are witty and startling perceptions of the "feminine" nature of God by one of the greatest of all English mystics. Julian (1342-c.1423) was an anchoress who lived in solitude in Norwich, England.

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