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The New Testament With Lectio Divina

Paulist Press

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The New Testament with “Lectio Divina” invites readers to reflect on the individual stories and chapters of the New Testament, while being led to prayer though meditation on those biblical passages.

Lectio divina, the reflective reading of scripture, has long been a popular devotional practice in the Church from the earliest centuries. It consists of four steps:

Read: A slow and thoughtful reading of a passage from the Bible
Reflect: A time of reflection and thinking about the meaning of that text to me as a reader
Pray: A period of prayer to God to bring the message or wisdom of the text to fruit in myself
Act: A decision on what I should do as a result; that is, an action plan to change or improve my life
Text in two colors. Ideal for personal and group reflection.

ISBN: 978-08091-0664-6

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