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Why do we kneel and bow during Mass? Do Catholics believe the bread and wine really become the Body and Blood of Christ? Why can’t the preacher pick his own Scripture readings? What are those secret prayers the priest is whispering at the altar? The Catholic Mass is full of symbolism, ritual, and tradition, which means there’s a lot to understand! Have questions? You’re not alone. Welcome to Mass Class!

Paulist Father Dave Dwyer has been answering questions like these for years as host of The Busted Halo Show on SiriusXM. The show’s popular Mass Class segment has helped thousands of inquisitive callers understand the “why” behind the rituals that fill our churches every Sunday. Based entirely on questions from the show over many years, this book conveys the real-life concern, joyful discovery, and practical guidance callers experience when they talk with Father Dave each weeknight.

With his signature mix of humor and heart, Father Dave invites everyone to ask their questions of faith—no matter where they are on their spiritual journey—and offers wisdom from the Church and insights from his years of experience as a priest. With a spirit of joy, compassion, and encouragement, the book Mass Class is sure to deepen your appreciation for the richness of the Catholic faith.

Praise for Mass Class: Your Questions Answered

"The right book at the right time. I've long known that Father Dave is great in front of a microphone, but surprise: he's even better in print! This book is a terrific resource written in a very accessible style. I highly recommend Mass Class for anyone wanting to take their faith more seriously during this time of Eucharistic revival. Bravo, Father Dave!"
— Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York. Author of Who Do You Say That I Am? Daily Reflections on the Bible, the Saint, and the Answer that Christ Is.

"Where was this book when I converted to Catholicism?! For years I've listened to Fr. Dave on the radio, but I love having his practical wisdom in a book that I can pass along to fellow Catholics and those curious about the faith. His words are authentic, helpful and wise and I can almost hear his laugh as I read along."
— Kathryn Whitaker, popular Catholic blogger mom and social media influencer. Author of Live Big, Love Bigger: Get Real with Barbeque, Sweet Tea and a Whole Lot of Jesus.

"Learn about the Mass from an experienced priest, great preacher and master communicator. The Second Vatican Council wanted Catholics to be 'full, conscious and active' participants in the Mass, but sometimes that's difficult, if you either don't know what is going on or, more commonly, why it's going on. Let Fr. Dave Dwyer answer all your questions and some you didn't know you had."
— Fr. James Martin, Editor-at-Large, America Media. Author of Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone.

"'By your pupils you'll be taught' is a lyric from The King and I. I am delighted and humbled to have been taught by my former student through this thorough and engaging text. In his answers to questions we all ask, Fr. Dave uses a rhetoric that is invitational, theologically correct and grounded in everyday experiences. This book is a wise guide that enables us to 'know' the Mass more fully, and through it, Christ who is its center."
— Msgr. Kevin W. Irwin, Dean Emeritus of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America. Author of The Sacraments: Historical Foundations and Liturgical Theology

Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, is executive director of Busted Halo, a media outreach of the Paulist Fathers, and the award-winning host of The Busted Halo Show weeknights on SiriusXM radio. He is a popular speaker, mission preacher, and television commentator who has worked in campus ministry in Colorado and Texas. Prior to ordination, he directed television for MTV and Comedy Central.

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