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Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer
An Approach to Life in Fullness

"All prayer is essentially an act of gratitude. Even the prayer of petition that boils up from some agonizing personal need includes, if it is authentic, a stated belief that "God's will be done"—an expression of our utter dependence on God's mercy.

This book is about prayer and about gratitude. It is also about awareness and our ability to see into things, discovering the grace that awaits us in everyday life. When we bless things simply because they are, we live life in its fullness.

David Steindl-Rast has written a book that must not only be read, but ought to be read again and again as we discover the intermingling of our reality and God's grace. It contains a simple message, but like all simple sounds it can reverberate in our hearts, constantly enriching and enlightening us. It is a book to cherish.

Category: Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-08091-2628-6

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