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Listening for the Heartbeat of God
A Celtic Spirituality

Listening for the Heartbeat of God presents a spirituality for today, modeled on the vital characteristics of Celtic spirituality through the centuries. Here is in emphasis on the essential goodness of creation and of humanity made in the image of God. This book traces the lines of Celtic spirituality from the British church in the fourth century through to the twentieth century, in the founder of the Iona Community, George Macleod.

J. Phillip Newell finds Celtic spiritual roots in the New Testament, in the mysticism of St. John the Evangelist. John was especially remembered as the one who lay against Jesus at the Last Supper and heard the heartbeat of God. Hence he became a Celtic image of listening to God in all of life. This fresh angle on Celtic spirituality—linking figures in the Bible and in British Christian history—will be warmly welcomed by all who are concerned to refresh the roots of their faith.

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ISBN: 978-08091-3759-6

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