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Night Conversations with Cardinal Martini
Relevance of the church for tomorrow

One of the authors was cardinal of the largest diocese in the world, a scholar, and one of the most renowned men of the church. The other has worked in prisons and lived with drug-addicted street kids in Romania and Moldavia. Both are Jesuits. They met in Jerusalem and became friends: two worlds, one faith-and a passionate search for ways in which the message of Jesus of Nazareth can still be effective for tomorrow. In a series of conversations they ask what faith can mean for life, what future young people have in the church, and what must be changed so that Christianity itself has a future. The questions from young people are the catalyst for deep thought. Is the future only dark? Where are the rays of light on the horizon? What would Jesus say today? Jerusalem is a special place: a place that confronts us with harsh reality, but also a place that inspires dreams. And a place for visions. These conversations that took place in Jerusalem give rise to both doubt and hope. The result is a fascinating, personal book that asks what role Christianity might play for a humane future and addresses the question of religious faith in a wealthy society saturated with goods and without taboos.

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