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Face of Jesus
Encounter with the Lord

The disciples of Christ and those who followed him and listened to his teachings were more impressed by his message than his appearance. Fascinated by his amazing teachings-compassion, forgiveness, justice, love-and witnessing the miracles he performed among people and over nature, his followers embraced the truth and the ideals that he brought into their life. Perceptions about Jesus' human appearance vary from person to person. What stands out is that his physical image shines through the greatest story ever told in the Gospel. Truly, it matters not what Jesus looked like. What matters is the reality of his appearance in what he did among his people, what he taught them, and what our faith in him accomplishes.Do you want to see the face of Jesus? Take a look at those around you: the baby that smiles, young people, adults, the elderly, the ill, and inmates. There you can find Jesus incarnated in each one.

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