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Mary in Scripture, Liturgy, & the Catholic Tradition

René Laurentin

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In this engaging book renowned Marian scholar Ren‚ Laurentin examines the invigorating presence of Mary in the mystery of the redemption that is at the heart of the life of the church. The author contemplates her presence in the course of Scripture, human and ecclesial history, the church fathers, the mystics, and others. He not only wants to transmit his love of the Virgin Mary, but the actualization of these words at the foot of the cross: "This is your mother." Devotees of Mary will find this to be an enlightening and spiritually edifying read."Mary's presence is permanent, and universal, in the sense that nothing is outside of her grasp, as she participates in the divine life at the heart of her commitment to humankind. More specifically, nothing is beyond her, neither at the time of Salvation, nor in the work of Salvation where God has involved her from the start: the Incarnation....The grace of Mary's presence is free and comes in many forms; let us ask that each of us welcome it as such in the freedom of the children of God."-from the book

ISBN: 978-08091-4808-0

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