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The Mystery of the Incarnation

Cardinal Schönborn, editor of the bestselling YOUCAT youth catechism, here offers illuminating meditations upon the Incarnation-the central mystery of our faith. With theological insight and an accessible style, he presents a clear explanation of the Mystery that is the awesome reality of the Son of God becoming man. Despite frenzied commerciality of Christmas today, this important holiday still fascinates people like none of the other great church festivals. Why is that? Christmas is intriguing because we all somehow know that the birth of this child has something to do with our own deepest longings and aspirations.The four theological meditations in this book convey some of that deeper connection. After a preliminary consideration of the mythical in our faith, Cardinal Sch”nborn follows the sections of the Creed: "He is descended from heaven," "He was incarnate by the Holy Spirit from the Virgin Mary," "He was made man," and also considers the mystery of Christmas as depicted by the great artists.As the Cardinal writes, "It has become increasingly clear that the choice must be made between these two ways: finding faith in Christ as the path and the goal, or to or to gnostically seek one's own self."

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