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The Legacy of Vatican II

Edited by Massimo Faggioli and Andrea Vicini, SJ

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A unique scholarly contribution, this book celebrates and studies the legacy of the Second Vatican Council by offering essays from twelve outstanding international scholars.The first part studies the contributions of four Jesuit theologians at Vatican II:
•  Card. Augustin Bea, in the biblical field and ecumenical dialogue (by Jared Wicks SJ);
•  Henri de Lubac, in framing the relationship between the world and the Church (by Susan Wood);
•  Otto Semmelroth, in ecclesiology (by Dennis Doyle); and John Courtney Murray, on religious freedom (by David Hollenbach, SJ).

Part two reflects on the Council's key themes by focusing on continuity and change, and in particular:
•  a theological appraisal of Vatican II (by Christoph Theobald, SJ);
•  the relationship between theologians and bishops at Vatican II (by John O'Malley, SJ);
•  a hermeneutical approach of the Council (by Peter Huenermann);
•  and the issue of contraception at the Council (by Leslie Woodcock Tentler).

Part three examines the Council's engagements with the social and the public by studying:
•  the Council's theology of worldy engagement (by Richard R. Gaillardetz);
•  liturgical reform and the public role of the Catholic Church (by John F. Baldovin, SJ);
•  the changes in moral theology and public Catholicism since Vatican II (by Lisa Sowle Cahill);
•  and the new Catholic communities promoting grassroots democracy (by Bradford E. Hinze).

ISBN: 978-08091-4922-3

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