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"Come Love with Me"
Augustine as Spiritual Guide

The inspiration for this book is found in the The Homilies of Saint Augustine on the Gospel of Saint John, which is a pastoral work. Augustine's sermons in general are an important source for the study of his theology and spirituality, and are a necessary complement to his more doctrinal writings. This book shows how Augustine presented complex theological thoughts to the faithful, how he acted as bishop and pastor, and how he tried to be a promoter of the unity of the Church. This book attempts to bring two elements together by going to the heart of Augustine's spirituality and to the heart of the Christian way of life. Through these movements, common links can be discovered such as prayer, humility, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Pilgrim-Church, and charity. Augustine can enlighten us as we seek and yearn for peace and harmony. The author explains why Augustine, who experienced God's love in the humble Christ and was a witness of Christian unity, can be considered to be a spiritual guide for a Christian today.

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