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Enduring Heart, The
Spirituality for the Long Haul

In middle age, people are overwhelmed by a yearning to abandon the trivial, to create a better self, and to begin living in relation to life's ultimate questions. Wilkie Au offers here a warm guidebook for traveling the road of middle age. It acts as a type of "spiritual triple-A auto club," providing both a map for middle life's journey and roadside assistance for those who find themselves stuck along the way.Transitions peak in middle age-loss of all sorts-yet for believers, loss is never the final word. Crammed with stories, examples, and excerpts from both classic and contemporary writers, this book shows that God is always there to meet us now, wherever we are on the journey. This is spirituality that endures, spirituality for the long haul.Highlights:-helps readers cope with common obstacles in the spiritual path, such as the need for control, the fear of the unknown, and the desire to cling to possessions-shows how to live with more awareness, more immediacy, more gratitude, and more compassion-provides practical tools such as reflections, exercises, prayers, and guidelines for developing one's spirituality.

ISBN: 978-08091-4947-6

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