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Prophets and Prophecy
God Speaks in Ancient Israel and Judah

This volume introduces readers to the prophets of ancient Israel by focusing on the variety of roles they played in ancient Israelite society. Starting from the basic definition of prophets as mediators between God and the community, the author explores the activities and messages of prophets in their various social, historical, political, economic, and religious contexts. The basic question always before us is: What did prophets do in ancient Israel? To answer this, Hibbard offers a close, critical analysis of the biblical literature by and about prophets. The result is an analysis of prophets as royal advisors, political pundits, religious specialists, social critics, miracle workers, poets, and scribes.

J. Todd Hibbard, who holds a PhD from the University of Notre Dame, is associate professor of religious studies and chair of the Department of Religious Studies,at University of Detroit Mercy.

ISBN: 978-08091-4987-2

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