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Ageless Wisdom
Lifetime Lessons from the Bible

The wise elders of the Bible impart great wisdom for those on the spiritual journey. As Pope Francis said recently, "It's good for the elderly to communicate their wisdom to the young; and it is good for young people to gather this wealth of experience and wisdom, and to carry it forward."Using insights from some famous and some unknown tales, myths, legends, allegories, chronicles, and proverbs, the author places them in the context of the ancient biblical world in which they were written.The Bible is a living text offering all of us-Jews, Christians, and Muslims (as well as the occasional nonbeliever)-a roadmap to gain wisdom. Drawing not only on the Bible itself, but on medieval and modern Jewish commentaries (midrashim), Christian sermons, and Muslim explanations (such as Tales of the Prophets), Ageless Wisdom offers examples of how past generations of men and women have made the Bible's lessons about wisdom their own.

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