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Is God Absent?
Faith, Atheism, and Our Search for Meaning

More and more, people are finding God absent from the center of their lives—gradually and almost without comment. Elsewhere, however, some are calling on God to aid them in spreading fear across a world that they see as unbelieving. In a world like this, would it really be such a bad thing to be “God-forsaken”: to abandon belief in God?

Whatever the positive consequences may be, when God and other divine ideas are dethroned, the question of what takes their place becomes an urgent one. In that sense, the debate about God never ends. Anyone trying to rid themselves of their God is taking the easy way out. On the other side, those who seek to defend God uncritically are in danger of a life-threatening illusion.

This book creates space for the tensions and contradictions inherent in the question of God and examines themes of and approaches to contemporary doubts and nonbelief. In addition, the authors integrate their own distinct biographical and intellectual contexts, daring to explore their personal history.

In the end, only those who have known their personal Good Friday—that is, a moment of true absence of God—and can use that moment as a spiritual impulse are able to truly testify to the joy of Easter’s renewal of faith.

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