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The Slow Work of God
Living the Gospel Today

Designed for spiritual reading or retreats, these brief meditations on the Christian life—holiness, silence, spirituality, the mystery of evil, the Beatitudes, the Paschal Mystery, reconciliation, holy families and the diversity of family life today, and the true self-among others, are inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius and Pope Francis.

Based on Paul's conviction that life "in Christ" means to be in his body, the Church, thus a life nourished by the word of God, celebrated in Eucharist, and expressed in service to others, the books moves from God, to Jesus, the Church, and practical reflections on living the gospel. Other topics include beauty as a way to God, the mystery of evil, gospel portraits of those who encountered Jesus, Father Greg Boyle and "the slow work of God," Thomas Merton, the Church and the Jews, and Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato Si' on care for our threatened Sister, Mother Earth. Always it seeks to address these topics in the context of contemporary culture, with all its challenges. The short chapters include biblical reflections, historical background, and personal stories; they are intended to inspire as well as inform.

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