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Nine Portraits of Jesus
Discovering Jesus through the Enneagram

In this book are intense and biblically centered meditations on the personality of Jesus based on the enneagram system of personality types.The enneagram system demonstrates that there are nine ways of expressing what it is to be human. And Father Nogosek shows clearly that since Jesus came to save all of us by becoming as we are, each of us should be able to discover in him our own way of being human.

Jesus, as Father Nogosek demonstrates, did not have any of the compulsions that distinguish each of the nine types. But he spontaneously expressed in his personality all nine types. Father Nagosek takes each of the nine types in order and answers the following questions: (1) How does Jesus express the gifts of this type? (2) What is the compulsion of this type which Jesus would have avoided? (3) Do the Scriptures reveal any clues to Jesus' motivations—from his teaching, from his actions?

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