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The Holocaust and the Christian World
Reflections on the Past, Challenges for
the Future — 2nd Edition


Edited by Carol Rittner, Stephen D. Smith, and Irena Steinfeldt

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The Holocaust and the Christian World is a gripping book in which Christian and Jewish scholars present essays that detail the world’s descent into the madness of anti-Semitism. Exploring the harmful effects of scholarly treatments of Scripture (minimizing or mythologizing the Jewish character of the Old Testament), Darwinian views of "the races," and Hitler’s ghastly plans for the "Final Solution" (with widespread Christian silence), these essays give a brilliant overview while adding thoughtful detail. The book includes timelines, resource lists, and church statements regarding the Holocaust and is also packed with many archival photographs.

This new edition of the book also includes documentation of more recent efforts to repent and to change the teaching of contempt within various Christian churches.

ISBN: 978-08091-5364-0

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