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Irrepressible Light
The Women of the New Testament

The pages of scripture lead to manifold paths. These paths allow you to explore who you are and the meaning of your life, lead you to walk in gratitude, help you to find beauty in every moment of life even moments of sorrow, and open up ways to see that you were unaware of before. Most importantly, scripture tells us that God is very near. In that spirit, and in a very personal way, revealing her everyday, ordinary spiritual life, the author focuses on New Testament stories about woman who encountered Jesus. These women are strong, daring, faithful, and brave. Though they are poor, ill, misunderstood, and oppressed, these women find a way to listen to the dimly burning irrepressible light within. This flicker of dim light calls them forth from their poverty, pain, isolation, and suffering to encounter the healing, saving mystery of God.

Sharbaugh offers readers the opportunity to learn from these stories by asking how and why these women were able to be so strong, so daring, so faithful, and so brave. She has listened to them so that they might show their way to know and love God and show the way to see and follow the irrepressible light within.

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