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Integral Ecology and the Fullness of Life
Theological and Philosophical Perspectives

In a world of dwindling resources, it is as well to stress the necessity of the ever-renewable resources of Christian faith and hope. Ecological concerns can occasion serious levels of depression and disillusionment, unless such ecology is truly “integral” in allowing for the spiritual resources that can come from religious faith.

Integral Ecology and the Fullness of Life presents this larger religious horizon, so that the danger of ideological divisiveness and monodimensional mind-sets might be avoided. A genuinely integral ecology works in the largest possible horizon while being informed at every step by the contributions of those who have a particular expertise. There will be inevitably opposing points of view even though there are new modes of collaboration to be discovered, and more inclusive and respectful conversations to be conducted.

As evidenced in Laudato Si’, a new language of integral ecology is being spoken—one more worthy of the limitless mystery within which we exist. For too long, the language of faith has been a local dialect. But this language now has a chance to grow into a genuinely universal communication and gracious wholeness. For its part, the light of faith has begun to play on the whole mystery of life and to illuminate the universal scope of knowledge, of what is, and what might emerge. To that end, this book contributes to a continuing collaboration of theology and ecology so that language of Christian faith is neither cosmetic nor unearthly.

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