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Hesburgh of Notre Dame
The Church's Public Intellectual

The book explores the contours of Fr. Hesburgh’s calling to the priesthood and its ramifications for his service as the Church’s public intellectual. While many of the challenges Fr. Hesburgh faced still plague society—civil rights and nuclear proliferation to name only two—this book will not place its greatest importance on Fr. Hesburgh’s responses to those challenges. In contrast, the focus of the book is on how Fr. Hesburgh’s calling to the priesthood compelled him to face those challenges.

Foreword: Leon Panetta
Prologue: A Long Obedience
Introduction: "The Most Fundamental Thing I Do"
Chapter 1: A Lighthouse and a Crossroads
Chapter 2: At the Mercy of Power without Purpose
Chapter 3: Equal as Children of God
Chapter 4: A Great Common Endeavor
Chapter 5: Commitment, Compassion, and Consecration
Chapter 6: The Good of the People
Chapter 7: The Only Middle There Is
Conclusion: Christ Alone Mediates Perfectly

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