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Aging with Wisdom and Grace

Wilkie W. Au and Noreen Cannon Au

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Integrating Christian spirituality and contemporary psychology, this book presents aging as a positive opportunity for development, even amidst the many challenges that come with it. This view opposes a negative cultural stereotype of aging as only a time of decline. The work explores how faith can contribute to optimal aging by providing a Christian perspective on such topics as: loss and diminishment, loneliness and suffering, death and dying. It also reflects on many of the issues that confront older people, such as dealing with past regrets and unhealed wounds, learning how to forgive, maintaining a sense of self-worth by contributing to others, and sustaining hope and gratitude in the face of decline. This book’s reach is ecumenical and intended for baby-boomers who are seeking a spirituality of aging that can sustain them in this important stage of life.

ISBN: 978-08091-5462-3

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