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Seeking Christ Through Friendship

Sacred journeys do not happen alone. To have the fullness of life that Jesus said he came to bring us, we need companions. We need fellow travelers to walk with us as part of our relationship with God. I call this “spiritual companionship” and define it as “a friendship that includes Jesus as a third, very important friend.”

Seeking Christ through Friendship shows readers how to include God in their friendship; how to find and share their personal life with one another; how to maintain confidentiality and appropriate boundaries. It offers guidelines to help develop and strengthen gifts of listening, encouragement, and support.

A section called “The Power of Prayer” explores topics such as obstacles to prayer; how to share and pray with a companion; the importance of recognizing and reflecting on experiences of God. The closing chapter uses St. Ignatius’s discernment process to help readers discover God’s will for them when making important decisions.

The author uses personal stories and scripture passages to illustrate major points. At the end of each chapter, practical “for your reflection” questions encourage readers to look at their own lives and deepen their personal relationship with God. These questions can be used during personal prayer times and also in a small faith group setting.

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