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Models of the Eucharist
Second Edition

In this book, updated with the texts of the third edition of the Roman Missal, Kevin Irwin reflects on the jewel in the crown of Catholicism—the celebration of the Eucharist. His book—theological, pastoral, and contemporary—is essentially concerned with issues about the Eucharist that face us today, decades after the truly historic and unprecedented revisions that took place after the Second Vatican Council. Some of these concerns are the result of unforeseen developments about the Eucharist resulting from other factors, for example the decline in numbers of clergy, which has led in some places to Sunday celebrations without the Mass. Other concerns arise from a lack of proper catechesis about the Mass and a keen desire to understand why and how the Eucharist is at the center of Catholic life.

In addition to being expressly theological, this book is also expressly pastoral in that it is a reflection on the life lived by the church as it enacts the Eucharist and seeks to live out what the Eucharist celebrates. The book is aimed at the audience of educated Catholics who seek a deeper appreciation of what the Eucharist is and who want to appropriate that understanding in the way they live their lives. This book will be of particular interest to pastoral ministers, both those present and those in training, and the communities of faith whom they serve.

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