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Jesuits, Theology, and the American Catholic Church

Daniel Kendall, SJ, and Gerald O'Collins, SJ

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This book explores and evaluates the influence that Jesuits, both Americans and others, have exercised in the whole story of theology in the United States from the late eighteenth century until the present.

Chapters cover the following topics:
Chapter 1:  The Big Story of Jesuit Influence (1633–2018)
Chapter 2:  Philosophical Studies and American Jesuits
Chapter 3:  Theology, Patristics, and Church History
Chapter 4:  Moral Theology, Liturgy, Pastoral Theology, and Canon Law
Chapter 5:  Biblical Studies and American Jesuits
Chapter 6:  Ignatian Spirituality
Chapter 7:  American Jesuits and the Second Vatican Council

The authors aim to inspire Jesuits and others into becoming better theologians and philosophers, who will bring more and more people to be closer and more effective followers of Jesus Christ.

ISBN: 978-08091-5517-0

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