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Liturgy and Sacraments in a COVID World
Renewal, Not Restoration

As states shut down public gatherings, including worship, parishes attempted to keep their congregants attached to the Eucharist by use of technology such as streaming video. However, this practice has underlined some of the problems with liturgical practice as it has developed in the decades since Vatican II. Streaming liturgies have no "live" congregations, often only a single priest in the sanctuary, skewing the roles of congregation and presider.

The celebration of other sacraments has been no less affected, as they’ve been "streamlined" for the sake of expediency and observance of social distancing rules. Where liturgical reforms emphasized scripture, whether it be through the expanded lectionary used at Mass or the inclusion of readings in the celebration of every sacrament, this has gradually been lost in practice. The increasingly sloppy application of norms has led to bad liturgies, betraying a basic lack of understanding of the meaning of the liturgy itself.

Rather than return to "business as usual" pre-COVID, Kevin Irwin says we should use this "break" as an opportunity to revisit the renewal and truly implement it.

ISBN: 978-08091-5551-4

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