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Did Jesus Have a Girlfriend?
And Other Tricky Questions about Jesus

“Did Jesus Have a Girlfriend? Is a great question, one among many John Honner answers ably and well for teachers, catechists, and parents faced with often uncomfortable inquirers of young adults and teens. The book ‘unfolds’ doctrine rather than imposing it and is aimed at encouraging Catholics young and old to keep asking questions about faith, about Church, and especially about Jesus.”
— Phyllis Zagano

Did Jesus have a Girlfriend? is an accessible work and a pastoral guide to many questions people ask and offers rich imagery and practical examples that all sharers, pray-ers, preachers, or teachers can contemplate and use. Both challenging and consoling, its variety of uses and applications to our lives and practices of faith are endless.”
—Richard Leonard, SJ.

ISBN: 978-08091-5595-8

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