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The Catholic Spiritual Journey
Responding to Today's Challenges

"In this post-pandemic world, reliance upon our Catholic traditions provides both comfort and challenge in daily living. Father Bacik is skilled at presenting the richness of our faith perspective in a manner that is accessible to all... Each chapter distills the essence of Catholic belief, a refreshing return to the heart of our faith."
—from the foreword

Through the lens of "spirituality," and more specifically the idea of "spiritual journey," the Nicene Creed, the theological and moral virtues, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Beatitudes, major liturgical feasts, and holy people, The Catholic Spiritual Journey explores how the Catholic spiritual tradition offers hope in challenging times.

"Fr. Bacik fuses a classical and contemporary pathway toward spiritual enlightenment. This catechetical masterpiece offers a rich meditation for anyone looking for a fresh interpretation of Catholic Christian teachings."
—Rev. Richard S. Vosko, Hon. AIA, author of Art and Architecture for Congregational Worship: A Search for a Common Ground

Fr. James Bacik is a priest of the Diocese of Toledo and is the former pastor of Corpus Christi University Parish in Toledo. He has a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford and has published numerous articles and more than fifteen books. Fr. Bacik has taught graduate theology courses at the University of Notre Dame, Fordham University, the University of San Francisco, and the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He has also lectured widely in the United States and internationally.

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