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God's Works Revealed
Spirituality, Theology, and Social Justice for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Catholics

God's Works Revealed presents a compelling, challenging, and joyful vision for living as a lesbian, gay, or bisexual Catholic today by accepting the divine gift of our sexuality and seeking to live the promises of our baptism. It draws from the deep well of traditional theology, Catholic teaching, and Sacred Scripture while also challenging assumptions that exclude LGB Catholics from the possibility of sexual expression, married life, and participation in the life of the Church.

"Informed by theology and formed by the worship of the Church, Albano…engages in serious study and draws on some of the best thought on scripture and natural law theology that has formed his Church's teaching on homosexuality and homosexual actions. He presents not so much a dismissal of what the Church teaches as a critical engagement with that teaching that will point out its insufficiencies and calls for further refinement and reflection. He insists that his experience and that of other gay and lesbian Catholics be taken seriously."
from the foreword


"After more than fifty years of ministry on behalf of LGBT Catholics, I have seen considerable developments in Christian understandings about sexuality and gender, which are challenging topics for politicians and Catholics alike. Written from the heart of a faith-filled Catholic gay man who is not a politician, these pages push sexual politics aside and speak to our heads and hearts in a sensible and compelling way. We'll see with new eyes the gifts that persons of various sexual orientations bring to the Church. I recommend this book for all the people of God who are walking the path of synodality with Pope Francis."
Jeannine Gramick, SL, author, and cofounder of New Ways Ministry for LGBT Catholics

"God's Works Revealed offers a respectful, well-argued critique of official teachings on homosexuality and the impact on the physical and spiritual lives of LGBTQI people. It is a deeply loving, thoughtful, and ultimately, hopeful dialogue between a gay Catholic and the Church that could open pathways to needed change. Here, you will find truths that speak to your soul."
Marianne Duddy‐Burke, executive director of DignityUSA

Sam Albano is a writer, educator, and member of the LGBTQI Catholic community. He currently serves as the national secretary of DignityUSA, the oldest and largest organization of LGBTQI Catholics.

ISBN: 978-08091-5609-2

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