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Catholic-Jewish Relations
Twelve Key Themes for Teaching & Preaching

Catholic-Jewish Relations: Twelve Key Themes for Teaching & Preaching offers a road map for busy people—teachers, parents, clergy, parishioners—to become acquainted with the main themes and documents that have emerged through the Catholic Church's encounter and dialogue with the Jewish people since Vatican II, distilled here as twelve key statements. Framed by the author's Roman Catholic tradition, it is the "quick read" path to upskilling in this area while providing leads for further reading and discussion.

Teresa Pirola's intent behind the book is that the gains of the past sixty years become better known to nonspecialist and grassroots audiences, especially those engaged in teaching, preaching, and shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation. The result is a work that will help instill a wakeful, informed awareness of what is arguably the most exciting and far-reaching development in the Catholic Church today: a reawakening to the Jewish foundations of Christian faith and the Church's ongoing path of reconciliation and partnership with the Jewish people.

Teresa Pirola, ThD, is a Sydney-based Catholic faith-educator and author. She has been immersed for many years in pastoral renewal initiatives assisting Catholic parishes, dioceses, and schools in Australia. Since 2007, following a life-changing encounter with Jewish teachers in Jerusalem, she has been active in the work of interfaith education, inspired by the teaching of Nostra Aetate. In 2009, she founded Light of Torah, a ministry that offers online resources for grassroots Christian audiences.

ISBN: 978-08091-5632-0

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