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Hope in Darkness
Leaving Night

Night can be an experience of both disorientation and loss, but also of new life and direction. Through reflections that are sensitive to the psychological and spiritual needs of the human person as well as relevant stories, this book invites readers to embrace the hope that is present at night. It journeys through some of the fundamental questions that people grapple with at night—questions that have to do with identity, relationships, and meaning—and highlights ways in which individuals and communities can grow through them toward greater freedom.


"I experienced this wonderful book as a contemplation of five simple and yet profound questions: 'Who, What, Why, Where, When?' Luca deftly and compassionately shows us how they can be precious lead-ins into the mystery of humanness—and its divinity. The delightful result is an unflappable hope!"
—David Richo, author, To Thine Own Self Be True: Shakespeare as Therapist and Spiritual Guide

"All of us know the experience of darkness. We have all had times when daytime feels like nighttime, and times in which we can't seem to find ourselves and hope for our future. In this significant and deeply grounded book, which draws from various disciplines, Luca Badetti offers both insight and new possibilities for movement toward healing and fullness of life."
—John Swinton, author, Spirituality and Mental Health Care: Rediscovering a 'Forgotten' Dimension

"Through the lens of an inclusive and faith-filled heart, Luca Badetti shares a clear-eyed pathway through the night moments that we all encounter. Hope in Darkness offers the wise counsel that 'our belovedness is the reality on which we can ground our inner unity,' guiding us forward, fully ourselves, shining our unique light to those around us."
—Lisa Irish, author, Grieving—the Sacred Art: Hope in the Land of Loss

"With keen psychological and spiritual insight, Badetti's helpful book calmly reassures us of the life-giving hope we can discover in our darkness. God dwells in the night as a source of luminous support, teaching us about our identity and helping us respond to life fruitfully."
—Wilkie Au, coauthor with Noreen Cannon Au, Aging with Wisdom and Grace

Luca Badetti, PhD, teaches theology and coordinates service learning at Loyola University Chicago, John Felice Rome Center. Bringing together his interdisciplinary background in theology, clinical psychology, and disability studies, as well as his community leadership experience, he proposes an approach to human growth that is attentive to the psychological and social elements that foster personal wellbeing and inclusive community belonging.

ISBN: 978-08091-5634-4

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