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Heart, Tears, Fruits
The Search for a Feminine Theology

This book stems from a series of seminars in response to Pope Francis's call for a profound feminine theology.


"Beyond feminism and egalitarianism, this book provides a lead into the widely unknown land of women's theology."
—Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, recipient of the 2021 Ratzinger Prize for Theology

"The mystery of the feminine has always challenged humanity. This book invites us to approach this mystery by three paths: heart, tears, fruits. It unfolds this mystery and the deep and beautiful analogy of it with the divine."
—Maria Clara Bingemer, author of A Face for God: Reflections on Trinitarian Theology for Our Times

Lucinda M. Vardey has spent decades studying and teaching feminine spirituality. She is a founding member of Toronto's Magdala: A Conciliary on Feminine Theology, the Round Table on the Feminine Dimension in Rome, and the editor of the online Catholic journal, With One Accord: Learning and Living the Feminine Dimension as Church ( She currently lives in Italy with her husband, John Dalla Costa.

ISBN: 978-08091-5685-6

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