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The Changing Face of Catholicism
Building a Church for the Future

"As Pope Francis stresses the importance of dialogue, accompaniment, and engagement, Hater articulates practical questions inviting us to discern proactive, prophetic initiatives for implementing these ideas. This is the pathway forward for nurturing a new way of being Church…. We are reminded throughout the book that 'we live in a new world, and the future Church demands new modes of presence and interpersonal communication.'"
—from the foreword

"Today, the unstoppable advance of Artificial Intelligence in all aspects of life makes this book reflecting on the core of our faith all the more important."
—Rev. John R. Civille, senior parochial vicar of Our Lady of Peace Family of Parishes, Middletown, Ohio

Rev. Robert J. Hater, a priest from the archdiocese of Cincinnati, is professor emeritus at the University of Dayton, Ohio. He has served as the archdiocesan director of religious education, university professor, parish priest, and more. He has lectured internationally and is the author of thirty-seven books and the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2015 Distinguished Communicator of the Year Award; the Christian Educator of the 20th Century Award, Biola University; and the 1994 NCCL Catechetical Award.

ISBN: 978-08091-5698-6

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