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Saint Kevin and the Blackbird

Kenneth Steven

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A monk named Kevin arises early one morning and goes to the rocky shore near the monastery of Glendalough in Ireland to pray, as he always does. There as he appreciates all of God’s creation, Kevin opens his hands to thank the creator for the playful otters and the singing larks.

According to legend, as Kevin crouched in prayer with open hands one special morning, a blackbird alighted in his cupped hands. He welcomed her and held still, only to find that she was nesting there and soon had laid eggs in his hands. Kindhearted Kevin was determined to allow her nesting to take its course and was supported in this by his brother monks, who well knew how gentle he was.

This tender story celebrates the blessings and gratitude that spring from true regard and care for creation. Saint Kevin and the Blackbird is a love story, where kind actions are multiplied for the good of a small creature, helping an entire community experience a renewed vision of love.

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ISBN: 978-08091-6798-2

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