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Little Owl in the Big City

Marcia Mogelonsky; Illustrated by Jill Alexander

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Little Owl in the Big City is based on the true story of a Northern Saw-Whet owl found in the boughs of the Christmas tree transported from upstate New York to Rockefeller Center in 2020. According to the author, "When I first heard about the little owl hidden in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, I was convinced that this was no accident. Little Owl intended to get to the Big City to see the lights, hear the noise, and experience the excitement. I wanted to share Little Owl's adventures with the children who are also thrilled by the wonder of the season."

Children, ages 3-8.

“This splendid tale of a bold little owl, charmingly told and based on a true story, is sure to stimulate wonder and curiosity in young readers. I’m hoping for further adventures.”
—Adrienne Mayor, coauthor of The Griffin and the Dinosaur

“My preschooler loved the sweet story, and we spent lots of time enjoying the descriptive images. We loved being part of Owl’s world and wish him a safe trip home!”
—Jennifer Patterson, Mom Blogger, @justjenp

Marcia Mogelonsky lives in upstate New York, not far from where Little Owl began its adventure to the Big City. Jill Alexander enjoys painting and traveling. She lives in Wall Township, New Jersey.

ISBN: 978-08091-6800-2

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