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Faith, Hope, and Charity
Benedict XVI on Theological Virtues

Pope Benedict's approach to encyclicals is different from that of his predecessor Pope John Paul II. He is more inclusive in his sources, drawing on non-Christian authors, philosophers, and novelists among them, as well as more traditional works. His encyclicals also differ from his typical theological works; they are more pastoral, at times even conversational, inviting the reader into the mystery of the three theological virtues that frame and inform the Christian life. Deus caritas est explores a God who is both reason (logos) and love, and who loves us passionately, reclaiming eros as a descriptor of God's love. Spe salvi examines the relation between faith and hope, arguing that without faith and its vision of God's justice, hope too easily substitutes a secular idea of progress that often leads to atheism. Lumen fidei, drafted for his successor, Pope Francis, focuses on faith as a light flowing from a personal relationship with God. The book notes how the three encyclicals were received and concludes with reflections on Pope Benedict's theological legacy.

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