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Loving Creation
Christian Spirituality, Earth-Centered & Just

How can we bring about the profound conversion of mind and heart that is necessary if we are to protect and preserve our planet at this critical point in history? Loving Creation shows that only when we are touched by God will we find new ways of relating to all other species and the Earth itself. Rich in tradition, the book draws from ancient and contemporary sources to fashion a holistic Christian spirituality, one that unites ecological concerns with social justice, personal struggles with those of the planet, theological reflection with scientific findings, and everyday grace with global outreach. Filled with stories and practical suggestions, Loving Creation will serve as a handbook for prayer, guiding its readers to a broader vision of Christian maturity and a solid hope in the Spirit's power to shape us into the people we are meant to be. A work of practical theology, it builds on the ecological thinking of recent decades, while taking a fresh look at key areas of an Earth-centered spirituality emotion, imagination, wonder, desire, asceticism, and legacy. In the process, the book suggests ways to incorporate greater ecological awareness into classical spiritual practices. Loving Creation faces directly the force of our cultural dark nights, but grounds our faith in the future that God desires for our universe. Clear and readable, it will provide the spiritual foundation for sustained ecological action.

ISBN: 978-15876-8612-2

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