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Galatians: Life in the New Creation
A Spiritual-Pastoral Reading

This commentary examines Galatians section by section with attention both to expounding the text and to pointing out many background aspects that help explain it. These include: biblical background, the living Christian tradition (including history of interpretation, magisterial documents, the Catechism, and liturgy), historical and cultural background, and the impact of the letter on spirituality and theology.

The author interprets Galatians within the context of Paul's theology but with considerable attention to the pastoral aspects of the letter, which are often sidelined by other commentaries more interested in the substantive theology of the letter. Unique in the author’s approach is the incorporation of numerous tables, charts, diagrams, and sidebars with considerable supplementary information to help fill out the background of the letter, as well as appropriate images (maps, art, archaeology, sculpture) that help illustrate aspects of the text. Included are reflection questions at the end of each major section of the letter.

ISBN: 978-15876-8781-5

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